I did not fully understand my addictive tendencies until I found myself on a hospital gurney with nurses bustling around me and the medical monitor blaring warning sounds like a fire alarm. I stared at the ceiling and asked myself, How did I get here? Like most people, I ignored the warning signs. I wasContinue reading “THE FALSE JOY OF ADDICTION”

Perceived Joy Vs Actual Joy

Not long ago I found a boat for sale. It was a sailboat of 23 feet that its current owner abandoned in a boat storage yard. The manager of the yard said I could have it for what the owner owed for the storage rent, which was only a few hundred dollars. I’ve always imaginedContinue reading “Perceived Joy Vs Actual Joy”

Who to Sacrifice to feel Joy?

The author Ursula LaGuinn wrote a short story titled The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. In it there is this town called Omelas where everyone feels joy all the time, people are happy, prosperous, and loved, but that euphoria the townspeople came at a price. To feel joy in the town of Omelas theContinue reading “Who to Sacrifice to feel Joy?”

Finding Humor in Your Disasters

A new U.S. television series called The Baker and the Beauty has two supporting role characters that I like to watch more than the leading role characters. It’s Rafael and Mari Garcia, the mom and dad of Daniel Garcia. What makes them interesting to me is their attitude toward their relationship, their children and theirContinue reading “Finding Humor in Your Disasters”

Face Fear, Find Joy

During the first World War, a young French officer had been disciplined by his colonel for showing fear in battle. When the commander heard of the incident, he choose to reprimand the colonel rather than the officer saying, “None but a coward dares to boast that he had never know fear.” We all feel fear.Continue reading “Face Fear, Find Joy”

Finding Joy between Trump and Pelosi

Watching President Trump give the State of the Union address and Congresswoman Pelosi’s reactions, I couldn’t help but draw the analogy of a dysfunctional family, both of them trading unprofessional behaviors. They reminded me of an angry husband and wife or ex-husband and ex-wife acting badly. Afterward, the news media fed the negative emotions toContinue reading “Finding Joy between Trump and Pelosi”

Money can buy happiness, but happiness is also free

By John Baxter There was on a comic strip that has stuck with me the last 40 years. The first frame showed a young man sitting at his office desk saying, “I only make $25,000 a year. If I could make $50,000 a year, then I would be happy.”  In the second frame the nowContinue reading “Money can buy happiness, but happiness is also free”