Mental Strategies to Feeling More Joy

A Zen master and his student are walking in a forest discussing ways to quiet the mind of distractions. They come to a fast rushing stream where a damsel stands stuck on one side. She asks the master for help to cross the stream. The student assumes the master will say no because of theirContinue reading “Mental Strategies to Feeling More Joy”

Finding Joy through Fear

“To win one’s joy through struggle is better than to yield to melancholy.” Andre Gide I remember being poor, poor where I could not pay my bills, and I all my family could afford to eat were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My job paid 80 percent of our bills, so we had to decideContinue reading “Finding Joy through Fear”

A “Happy thought” to Find Joy

There is a bench that sits on a low bluff that looks out into the ocean. I go there every morning and sip my coffee and watch the tugboats and fishing vessels go back and forth. The seagulls caw overhead and occasionally an eagle flies by. Each day is a different scene. The water color,Continue reading “A “Happy thought” to Find Joy”