Joy from the Power of Thought

Imagine feeling joy in everyday life by only thinking about it, visualizing it and seeing it done. I just finished reading The 5 Rules of Thought for the second time. A quick read, it reminded me of the power of my thoughts. According to Mary Browne, the author, thoughts contain tremendous power to materialize ideasContinue reading “Joy from the Power of Thought”

A “Happy thought” to Find Joy

There is a bench that sits on a low bluff that looks out into the ocean. I go there every morning and sip my coffee and watch the tugboats and fishing vessels go back and forth. The seagulls caw overhead and occasionally an eagle flies by. Each day is a different scene. The water color,Continue reading “A “Happy thought” to Find Joy”

Finding True Joy in My Two Souls

“Two souls, alas, are housed within my beast, And each will wrestle for the mastery there.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe One Early Chinese culture explains human beings are made up of two spirits: two hun and po. Hun represents the earthly needs and wants while the po represents the more ethereal needs and wants. “As generally understood, hun is theContinue reading “Finding True Joy in My Two Souls”

Who to Sacrifice to feel Joy?

The author Ursula LaGuinn wrote a short story titled The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. In it there is this town called Omelas where everyone feels joy all the time, people are happy, prosperous, and loved, but that euphoria the townspeople came at a price. To feel joy in the town of Omelas theContinue reading “Who to Sacrifice to feel Joy?”

Finding Humor in Your Disasters

A new U.S. television series called The Baker and the Beauty has two supporting role characters that I like to watch more than the leading role characters. It’s Rafael and Mari Garcia, the mom and dad of Daniel Garcia. What makes them interesting to me is their attitude toward their relationship, their children and theirContinue reading “Finding Humor in Your Disasters”

Finding Peace Amidst the Media’s Coronavirus Hype.

Media is all about getting the ratings. How else does a news outlet survive otherwise? I’m just as guilty reading the alluring headlines and then clicking on the piece only to read — One , the headline is hyped to get people to read information that is already well know with but the writer putContinue reading “Finding Peace Amidst the Media’s Coronavirus Hype.”

Face Fear, Find Joy

During the first World War, a young French officer had been disciplined by his colonel for showing fear in battle. When the commander heard of the incident, he choose to reprimand the colonel rather than the officer saying, “None but a coward dares to boast that he had never know fear.” We all feel fear.Continue reading “Face Fear, Find Joy”

Words of Good Intent or Evil Impulse

During the Vietnam War era, a high school English teacher had a classroom of students that constantly belittled one another. One cruel comment after another was heard when students could talk. The teacher grew tired of the negativity. So tired, in fact, that one day after a particularly bad bout of negative remarks, he stoppedContinue reading “Words of Good Intent or Evil Impulse”

Find That “One Thing,” Find Joy

We all have a “happy place” or “happy activity,” but sometimes we get lost in the day’s events, work activities, responsibilities and lose sight of that one thing that really “fills our well,” lifts our spirit. It’s our core being and without it we can feel like we’re suffocating in life. We can feel drainedContinue reading “Find That “One Thing,” Find Joy”