Finding Joy between Trump and Pelosi

Watching President Trump give the State of the Union address and Congresswoman Pelosi’s reactions, I couldn’t help but draw the analogy of a dysfunctional family, both of them trading unprofessional behaviors. They reminded me of an angry husband and wife or ex-husband and ex-wife acting badly. Afterward, the news media fed the negative emotions toContinue reading “Finding Joy between Trump and Pelosi”

Money can buy happiness, but happiness is also free

By John Baxter There was on a comic strip that has stuck with me the last 40 years. The first frame showed a young man sitting at his office desk saying, “I only make $25,000 a year. If I could make $50,000 a year, then I would be happy.”  In the second frame the nowContinue reading “Money can buy happiness, but happiness is also free”