About joyfulwriterman

My best joyful face

I told me wife my plans to write a blog about joy. She laughed. When I told her my email was joyfulwriterman, she laughed harder.

It’s true. I’m not known for exuding joy. My facial expressions look more moody, serious, or even mad when I’m thinking. People would pass me at work and ask, “What are mad about.” I’d look perplexed at them and say, “I’m not mad, I’m thinking.”

But thinking doesn’t feel joyful. If feels like work, utility, or some plebeian task.

I want to feel more joy in my life. What better way than to learn about it and share what I learn.

There are no plans to sell anything on this site; I don’t need money.

There are no plans to guide some hidden agenda. I hate hidden agendas stuck in as news.

There are no plans to develop myself into some guru for joy. Now, that’s scary. I wouldn’t follow myself.

No, this blog is me sharing my learning about joy. Sometimes science will play a part, other times my own intuition or experience.

The quest is to learn about joy.

What People Say

“You joyful?”

My wife

“Go write your blog, don’t worry about what others think. No one’s going to read it anyway.”

Terry Hamilton, a friend


My son’s comment when I explained my joy blog.

Let’s build something together.